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Wuhu Railway Station

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Wuhu Railway Station is the largest node station in Anhui province along the Nanjing-Anqing High-speed Railway, with the east station officially operating on November 27, 2015, and the west station on June 30, 2016. The station has designed 3 parks (Park of Ningjing-Anqing Lines, Park of Shangqiu-Heifei-Hangzhou Lines including Anhui-Jiangxi double lines, and Park of Ordinary High-speed Lines) and 8 platforms (6 island-shaped platforms and 2 side platforms with 14 terraces in total) and 20 lines. It was expanded from 7,200 square meters (8,600 square yards) to 50,000 square meters (59,800 square yards) with a one-time capacity of 10,000 people on the basis of old railway station.
The main station building stands at the center of the Wuhu Railway Station, with east and west squares on both sides and the elevated waiting halls on the second floor. As for the transportation to the station, the roads before East Square Station and the roads within the station planning in it are connected with Yijiang North Road, while the roads before West Square Station are connected with Meilian Road, Beijing East Road and Zheshan East Road. The architecture of the railway station, takes the implication of “the confluence of Yangtze River and Qingyi River giving birth to the ‘Pearl of Wanjiang’ (Anhui section of Yangtze River)”. Located between Zheshan Hill and Shenshan Hill, the railway station shines like a pearl along the green corridor.
Thanks to the convenient online ticket-reservation system nowadays, travelers can book tickets at 12306 official website and then get them from the self-service ticket pick-up machines in the railway station.
Bus lines:
Daytime: Line 10, 20, 31, 88 and 228;
Nighttime: Line 112 and Line 113.
Telephone: 0553-282222.