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My division of labor
"Cheng Gang, vice mayor of Wuhu, is responsible for education and housing and urban and rural construction, real estate management, natural resources and planning, forestry, urban management, key project construction management, transportation, civil air defense and other aspects of the work, to assist in the construction of transportation, railway planning and construction and other aspects of the work.
He is in charge of bureau of education and the municipal housing and urban and rural construction bureau, the municipal natural resources and planning bureau (forestry bureau), the municipal urban management bureau (urban management administrative law enforcement bureau), the municipal key project construction management office, the municipal transportation bureau, the municipal civil defense office (civil defense bureau), and assist in charge of the municipal railway office.
He is in charge of liaison with the civilization office, Wuhu maritime bureau, and railway organizations in Wuhu; Rail transportation equipment industry and new materials industry."
"Cheng Gang, male, Han Chinese, born in October 1965 in Chaohu, Anhui Province, started his career in September 1986 and joined the Communist Party of China in December 1996. He obtained his bachelor's degree in management.
1984.10-1986.07 Student of Chinese Secretary Major in Wuhu United University.
1986.07-1986.09 Graduated student need to be appointed.
1986.09-1993.04 Staff member of Wages Section, Wuhu Labor Bureau.
1993.04-1994.08 Deputy director of Wages Section, Municipal Labor Bureau.
1994.08-1995.06 Head of unemployment insurance department, Municipal Social Security Bureau.
1995.06-1997.03 Chief of Unemployment Insurance Section, Municipal Social Security Bureau.
1997.03-1999.08 Secretary of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee.
1999.08-2001.08 Director of the personnel department of the Municipal Party Committee Organization.
2001.08-2004.04 Member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Statistics.
2004.04-2006.11 Deputy Director of Municipal Government Office.
(2001.09-2004.07 Studying in the public service management major in Zhejiang University's Distance Education College)
2006.11-2008.04 Director of Municipal Government Office.
2008.04-2009.02 Deputy Secretary-General and Director of the Municipal Government Office.
2009.02-2009.03 Deputy Secretary of Jinghu District Committee and Acting District Chief of the District Government.
2009.03-2012.03 Deputy Secretary of Jinghu District Committee and District Chief.
2012.03-2016.11 Secretary of the Nanling County Party committee.
2016.11-2018.01 Secretary General of Municipal Party Committee.
2018.01-2018.03 Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government, Party Member of the Municipal Government and Secretary General of the Municipal Party Committee.
2018.03- Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government and Party Member of the Municipal Government."