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My division of labor
"Sang Baoqing, vice mayor of Wuhu, responsible for public security, civil affairs, veterans affairs, letters and visits, assist in emergency management.
In charge of municipal public security bureau, civil affairs bureau, municipal veteran’s affairs bureau, Municipal bureau for complaints, and assist in charge of municipal emergency management bureau.
Contact municipal intermediate court, municipal procuratorate, municipal state security bureau and Wuhu border inspection station and assist in contacting Wuhu military zone and Wuhu garrison."
"Sang Baoqing, male, Han Chinese, born in January 1964 Mingguang, Anhui Province.He started work in July, 1984 and took part in the CPC in November, 1988. He finished on-the-job postgraduate law classes at the CPC School of Anhui Province.
1982.09-1984.07 Studying public security in Anhui People's Police School, clerks of the criminal police brigade of Hefei municipal public security bureau.
1984.07-1990.12 Staff member of the Criminal Police Brigade of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau.
1990.12-1992.06 Staff member of an administrative section of the criminal police brigade, Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau.
1992.06-1993.03 Deputy inspector of hefei public security bureau criminal police brigade
1993.03-1994.05 Chief of the First Team of the Criminal Police Brigade of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau (1986.01-1993.12 He took part in the Anhui Higher Education Self-study Examination and majored in Chinese Language and Literature and obtained a college diploma).
1994.05-1996.04 Director of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau Station (Assisting roles of sections or equivalents).
1996.04-1998.10 Deputy Division Chief of the criminal police detachment of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau.
1998.10-2002.06 Division chief of the economic investigation detachment, Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau (1997.08-1999.12 studying in the undergraduate class of political science and law in correspondence college of the Central Party School).
2002.06-2008.12 Deputy Director of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau and Party Committee Member (during the period: 2003.09-2006.07 Studying in the Postgraduate Class of Law Major of the Party School of the CPC).
2008.12-2012.03 Deputy Director of Hefei Municipal Public Security Bureau (of counties or equivalents) Party Committee Member.
2012.03-2014.10 Deputy Director (Deputy Chief) and Researcher of Public Security Management Office (Public Security Police Corps) of Provincial Public Security Department.
2014.10-2018.05 Chief of the Public Security Police Corps of the Provincial Public Security Department (Assisting roles of departments or equivalents).
2018.05-2018.06 Candidates for Deputy Mayor of Wuhu Municipal Government.
2018.06- He was appointed as vice mayor of Wuhu city, and Party Member of the Municipal Government, Party Secretary, Director and Inspector General of the Municipal Public Security Bureau (concurrently)"."